who will be our dj? / what is a 'reservation premium?

Our clients have the ability to reserve the DJ of their choice by utilizing our 'Reservation Premium'. This service includes adding the DJ's name to the entertainment contract, guaranteeing him for your event.

what if we don't include the 'reservation premium?

Our most qualified and experienced DJ's will always be booked first. Entertainers usually get scheduled out 6-8 weeks out. If you haven't received the name of your DJ during this time period, reach out, and we will let you know!

What separates D Street DJ's from other DJ's?

D Street DJ's have gone through a rigorous vetting process. The DJ's we represent all have 10+ years professional experience. They are beat matching, open format, club trained DJ's. We are passionate professional entertainers with a level of experience that allows us to accurately read a room.

Do D Street DJ's talk on the microphone?

YES! Along with mixing music, our DJ's are trained emcees. As a master of ceremonies, your DJ will talk through every special event and motivate the crowd on the mic. Never cheesy. Never boring. Never overbearing. There is a fine line we walk.

Do we get to meet with our DJ before the event?

Meetings with DJ's can be scheduled by request. Pre-event consultations are usually done with the company's founder, Derek B. He handles all of the pre-production work and prepares the entertainers with the info they need for each event. Your DJ will give you a call the Monday before the event to introduce himself and go over any last minute details.

What if our DJ gets sick, or has an emergency on the day of our event!?

This is a very rare occasion, and almost never happens. But, if something happens and your scheduled DJ can't make the event, we will immediately provide another qualified DJ to fill in. Our company represents over a dozen full time DJ's, and has relationships with numerous professional entertainment companies in the area. We have a flawless record successfully producing events. No horror stories here!

How do we choose what music will be played at our event?

Our DJ's always customize our playlists for each event based on the taste and preferences of our clients. We can throw a party 100 ways, but we want to play your jams! Request lists include: 10-15 'must-plays', favorite genres/artists, and a 'do not play' list. Some clients give us more requests then we have time to play, others give us a handful of their favorite artists and ask us to 'throw a party!'. We are comfortable operating under both circumstances.

Do D Street DJ's take requests?

Absolutely! We are always happy to interact with your guests during the event and take their requests. However, we won't play all songs that are requested. Some requests are better than others, and to be honest some requests are simply inappropriate or uninspiring. Our main objective while mixing music is to play the best song in the world for the crowd in that moment. With that being said...if you hired us...we will play whatever you want, whenever you want!

How do D Street DJ's get people to dance!?

Our DJ's are working DJ's, which means we play music for people 1-3 nights a week. We know what's hot, and what works for different crowds. 'Combining sounds of the past, with music of the future' is our company motto, and it describes our approach to mixing music during events. We are well versed in every major genre and can work our way through different styles organically while telling a story through music.

What is the 'Two Man Show'?

The 'Two Man Show' is a term we coined for a DJ and an Emcee working together. We are able to accomplish more of our custom entertainment concepts with two entertainers working together. This frees up the DJ to focus solely on mixing music, and the emcee is able to interact with the crowd from the center of the room. If you're looking for a more engaging experience, consider this next level concept.

What is the 'All Vinyl Wedding'?

Our 'All Vinyl Wedding' is a D Street crowd favorite! It's a 'Two Man Show' that features a set with all vinyl records. Watch your crowds eyes light up as they experience this unique visual DJ display. You will get to 'shop' Derek B's impressive record collection to build your playlist before the event. The sky's the limit! If we don't have it on vinyl, we'll get it!

What time does the DJ show up to set-up?

Our DJ's arrive between 90 min - 2 hours before every event. We like to be set-up a little early before showtime.

Do we build a timeline with our DJ?

Yes. We draft 'entertainment timelines' with all of our clients that include an order of events, song requests, and names spelled phonetically. Our DJ's have a copy of this on their table during your event.

Is D Street Entertainment insured?

Yes. We carry a $1M insurance policy. Our proof of insurance can be emailed to venues upon request.

What does the DJ wear?

Our entertainers dress for the occasion. We realize we are presented in the front of the room, and we wear stylish well fitting outfits. Usually black & white suits for weddings. Custom themed attire can be requested.

Do we need to provide a meal for the DJ?

Food is always nice. We are usually on-site for 6-8 hours and we get hungry. If we have the time and ability, we would love to be provided with a meal.

Do you charge a travel fee?

We do ask for a small travel stipend to help offset time and gas for events farther than an hour away. These are determined on a case by case basis, and can often be waived depending on the package(s) ordered.

Is our deposit refundable?

No. Our deposits are non-refundable. However, dates can usually be moved. And, there are always special circumstances and exceptions.

Is overtime an option?

Yes! Our DJ's are always happy and usually able to keep the party going. Overtime fees can be negociated on-site directly with the DJ.