Looking to take your event to the next level!? Consider these Additional Services. Rates vary, inquire for more info!

Reservation Premium:

Our clients have the ability to reserve the DJ of their choice by utilizing our 'Reservation Premium'. This service includes adding the DJ's name to the entertainment contract, guaranteeing him for your event.

Two Man Show:

The 'Two Man Show' is a term we coined for a DJ and an Emcee working together. We are able to accomplish more of our custom entertainment concepts with two entertainers working together. This frees up the DJ to focus solely on mixing music, and the emcee is able to interact with the crowd from the center of the room. If you're looking for a more engaging experience, consider this next level concept.


Glowsticks and/or LED Foam Tubes. Watch your guests' faces light up when we bust out these giveaways at the right moment! We order direct from the manufacturer to ensure quality and rate.

Monogram Light:

Your name in lights! A customized monogram of your initials displayed on the dance floor or wall of your choice. We use top of the line projectors for maximum quality.

All Vinyl Wedding:

Our 'All Vinyl Wedding' is a D Street crowd favorite! It's a 'Two Man Show' that features a set with all vinyl records. Watch your crowds eyes light up as they experience this unique visual DJ display. You will get to 'shop' Derek B's impressive record collection to build your playlist before the event. The sky's the limit! If we don't have it on vinyl, we'll get it!

Upgraded Light Show:

We have teamed with some of Atlanta's best lighting companies. A variety mounted moving heads on metal trussing is a very effective way to present a big room feel. Includes a light tech.

Cold Spark Machines:

This brand new technology brings fireworks safely indoors! They are worth the investment when you see the looks on your guests' faces when we light them up, and your pictures and videos will last a lifetime. Definitely a next level service.